New Dates for Sin City Slaughterfest 2021

Hey everyone! We’ve finally opened up to 100% here in Las Vegas and we’re ready to bring you the years ultimate party weekend! October 8-9 2021 will be the first Sin City Slaughterfest with an amazing line up headed by the mighty Mortician and To Violently Vomit! Check the main page for the rest of the stellar line up!

New Date for Sin City Slaughterfest

Hey people! Our Governor decided a few days ago to not allow ticketed music according to his latest speech and they are only opening the bars for food, no live shows. This was not the news we wanted to hear. We have contacted all the bands and parties involved to see where we should go from here as far as holding out for the Governor’s next announcement on the 18th or if we move forward with a date change. We just got this news from the club and promotion company so we’re letting you all know ASAP. After considering that it’s probably less than a 50/50 chance at this point that the Governor is going to open us up for live music again we feel it’s only smart to change the date to early next year to be safe. It’s getting too close to the show date and many of you will need to change travel plans and we want to avoid the worst if the news is bad and they continue to keep live events shut down. This absolutely sucks and is not what we wanted but it is what it is and we are at the mercy of the state rules.

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Tickets on Sale Now!

Tickets available now at​ presents Sin City Slaughterfest 2020! Bringing the most brutal acts to you live in fabulous Las Vegas! Sick death metal from Skeletal Remains, To Violently Vomit, Unmerciful, Condemned, Kill Everything, Limbsplitter, Putrid Pile, Atoll, Incinerate, Sanguisugabogg, Depulsed, Animals Killing People, Implements of Hell, Embodiment, Cheese Grater Masturbation, Euphoric Defilement!

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Band change 7-6-2020

Architectural Genocide is no longer on the fest. They actually apparently never were. Their x-guitarist booked the show with us as part of some drama nonsense that we just don’t want to be a part of. So that’s that. We will announce a replacement shortly.

Covid Blues

Well the current plague has put a damper on our plans to launch our fest in July as venues are not allowed to open just yet. We’re hoping for a date in October with possible reduced capacity to put something on.

More news as it develops.